Nayeon's Self-Introduction

Hello, World!

Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Nayeon Shin. Nayeon is pronounced nah-yeon. I’m from South Korea, and I’m a sophomore studying Computer Science and Film Studies.

This blog is my journal of being a student developer (more like an aspiring developer), writer, and human. I often think that it would have been great if I kept writing a journal till now after my elementary school teachers forced me to do so as homework. Now that I have a new life goal to become some kind of a developer, I realized it’s the right time for me to start writing about my life again.

The world is full of smart, talented, creative, and outstanding people. When I look around, even the people sitting next to me in a classroom look so much smarter and more talented than me. It sometimes makes me wonder “Will I ever be able to reach that level in my life?” in self-doubt and regret that I didn’t work harder in the past. Every day, I question if I’m doing well, if what I’m doing is right, and if I’m not hardworking enough.

Therefore, I will write and write and write to visualize my daily improvements and accomplishments that come with failures, trials and errors — to show myself that I’m getting better; to remind myself that I did well enough today; and to have the one and only journal of mine that reflects the life of a person named Nayeon Shin.

Lastly, many thanks to one of my lifelong mentors, SJ, who motivated me to start this GitHub blog. You’re deeply admired by me.