How to Fix ‘fatal: couldn’t find remote ref master’

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I’m a Git noob but I use it extensively. The version control lets me keep track of my code changes and points to where I should fix. But when I tried to do git pull origin master, it always showed me this in the terminal:

Git error

And every time I pushed to the master branch, it always made a new separate branch. And I didn’t get it. Why the heck would it create another branch from the default branch?


Then, I realized this:

Main branch

The default branch is named main, not master. This means, when you make a new repository and want to push to the central branch, you should push to main branch, unless you rename the default branch’s name.

I think a lot of outdated articles still tell you to do something like git pull origin master. So, if you like to execute that command, you can rename your default branch:

Branch menu

Click on the branch drop-down menu and go to View all branches.

Branches page

Then, you see the pencil icon. Click on it.

Rename branch message

Type master and hit Rename branch. Then, you’re all set! Now you can do git pull origin master to keep your local repository up-to-date, and you won’t see fatal: couldn't find remote ref master in the terminal.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll come back with another post!




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