Attending useR! Conference 2021

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After PyCon, I’ve become an avid conference attendee. My next conference was The useR! Conference. It was also virtual obviously.

What is The useR! Conference?

So I actually don’t even know very well about it, so I’ll keep the description on the website on the left of my screen and this md file on the right. useR! conferences are non-profit conferences organized by community volunteers for the community, supported by the R Foundation.

This year’s useR! was from July 5 to 9.

What is R?

R is a programming language for statistical computing. I don’t have extensive experience with R; the only time I’ve used R was when I was taking Intro to Statistics and writing an NFT report.

What sessions did I attend?

So the week when this conference took place, I was ver preoccupied with other work. It seemed like the useR! committee first organized their own platform, but they migrated to Slack for main communication. So not only could I make the time to attend a lot of sessions, but I also just didn’t know how to join. The only session I attended was “fairmodels: A Flexible Tool For Bias Detection, Visualization, And Mitigation.”

I honestly didn’t really understand the concepts discussed in the talk, since I don’t have much ML knowledge. It was basically about using ML to detect and remove bias, if I didn’t get it wrong.


Lol, it looks kind of odd that I only attend one talk although the conference lasted for 4 days. But I’ll not get discouraged or feed bad by this. I still tried a new thing in the end. It was very interesting just to go through all the talk titles as I didn’t realize R has a very wide range of applications. Also, the R community’s people seem to be super nice, just like the ones in the Python community!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll come back with another post. I really should forget not to write about Python Regex.

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